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1. The mast step for a yawl.

2. Box built around mast step provides additional seat support and is designed to prevent water from entering the buoyancy cavity in the event of a capsize.

3. An outer stem has been cut from a solid piece of Spotted Gum and glued in place.  The towing eye can also be seen as well as the gunwhale rubbing strake.

4. The  anchor well prior to putting decking in place.  A piece of 9mm ply forms the base which sits on the second stringer; fibreglass tape has been put around the join and the whole things painted


5. Tiller with its blank which I used to get the right shape; 3rd from front is the bowsprit and finally the rudder parts prior to gluing,

6. A handy board for holding the plans and measuring/drafting tools was one of many things developed to make life easier.