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John Welsford


 John Welsford Small Craft Design

John Welsfords home page with various sections including designs, links and projects.

 JWBuilders Forum

The Yahoo discussion group for John Welsford builders and interested people.

Navigator Photo Links



 Meniscus - sloop

 Waiata revisited

 Barret Navigators

 Spirit of Hauraki




 Wairua revisited

 General construction

 Orange Pico





 Korten's Navigator



Other Welsford Designs


 Tread Lightly

 Sweet Pea


Other Designs/Plans


 Duck Flat Wooden Boats

 South Australian distributor for Iain Oughtred, David Payne and others

 Selway Fisher

 UK - wide range of designs

 Guillemot Kayaks

 Kayaks (unsurprisingly)

 Redfish Kayaks

 Kayaks again

 Chesapeake Light Craft

 Mostly kayaks and lighweight craft

 Clark Craft

 US - Wide range of plans for all types of boat

 US - Another wide range of plans


 US - A range of designs


 US - Range of designs


 West Australian with a range of small sailing designs

 Boat Design Resources

 Free boat design resources

Construction Advice


 Bird's Mouth Tapered Mast Test

 Describes how to make a tapered ma st using the birdsmouth method

 Birds Mouth mast

 Another descriptive site for this technique

 DIY Wooden Cleats

 Dimensions and technique to make a range wooden cleats

 Glen-L rigging series

 Pages on how to rig small boats

 Goodchilds tips

 A variety of tips for boat building by David Gooldchild

 Build a boat site

 Popular mechanics how-to-build-a-boat pages

 West System

 West system's site with many tips on using epoxy



 Classic Marine

 UK - Excellent source of boat fittings

 Woodenboat Store

 US - Wide variety of plans, accessories etc


 AUS - Standard boat chandlers supplier


 US - Boat fittings and a whole lot more


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