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1. I chose to cut out the seats prior to completing the planking.  This has the benefit of being able to shape the edge without having to spile.  In the picture above I have cut the slots for the frames and have positioned a batten to mark the edge flush to where the planking will be.  The technique proved to be fairly straight forward and I suspect makes it easier to get a good join.

2. The completed seat top dry fitted.

3. The main seats dry fitted.  I have inserted some thin strips of Tasmanian Oak as I intend to finish the seats bright and want to create more of a visual impact.  In truth very fiddley, but I'm reasonably pleased with the result.  I am certainly convinced that shaping them as descibed in 1 above has got to be better than trying to do it after the hull is fully planked.


4. Seats with planking finished.

5. Front seat installed.