Scarfing Jig
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I have tried various methods to produce good scarfs for planking including a circular saw jig, manual planing and other variations.  For this build I devised a jig for a router which gave excellent results.  The following photos provide details of this jig and technique.

Jig is secured to a workbench.

Profile of the jig is designed to allow the router to cut a progressively deeper bevel which results in the scarf.

Plank is fed in from the rear.

Important to line the plank up exactly along with the router blade depth to ensure the bevel is properly positioned.

My jig enabled a piece of dowel to be used to jam the plank in the jig.

But an additional clamp was applied to prevent any movement.

All ready for the router.

The router is fitted with a template guide to prevent routing into the jig and the bit is a standard 1/2 inch straight bit.

It requires a number of passes across the plank to cut away the waste.

The result is a very true bevel.

This shows the accuracy of the cut - I was very pleased with it and could re-create every time, quickly as well.

And that as they say is that....