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1. Cable ties were used to for the stitch - here they have been placed in readiness for the plank.

2. The plank is loosely attached with the cable ties prior to gluing.

3. A shot from above which shows the glued and clamped plank, with the cable ties and fibreglass tape in place.  The join shows where the colour of the wood changes, being caused by the adoption of hoop pine for planking this lower strake.

4. A view from the bottom of the stitched and glued plank - the first on many....

5. The lower bow plank is something of a challenge.  As usual doing all your preparation effectively goes a long way to easing the task.

6. Here the middle plank on the second strake is fitted and gluing.

7. The third strake at the stem.

All planking completed - lovely sense of achievement!