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1. Bulkhead 6 and the seat fronts.  The round cut outs are for the inspection covers.

2. Fitting bulkhead 7.  An 'off-vertical' seat front has caused the frame top to be slightly off the horizontal; whilst undesirable I expect to place a batten across the seat fronts to pull them together by the sub 1cm amount to bring the whole 'true'.

3. Gluing bulkhead 8.

4. Gluing the transom in place.  Frame 5 is also in place at this stage.

5. Gluing the transom in place - view from fwd.

6. Using a narrow batten to mark up a fair curve.

7. Fitting Bulkhead 2.

8. Fitting Bulkhead 2

9. View of all bulkheads

10. View of all bulkheads - now for the stringers....